let’s code!

Imagine that you develop your game to the consoles world, with all the great experience it brings!

Now you do not need to imagine.

When you install our plugin, you will be able to get this position exactly:
your players will screen your game to their big screen TV and play your game with a controller, that is their smartphone, in their hands But that’s not just the great gaming experience. It also means much greater of up to 10x monetization to your studio by getting into the world of CTV ads.

Isn’t that amazing?

how it gets done?

Although our technology is super sophisticated, we kept the implementation very easy. 

All you need to do is go to our download page, fill in your details in order for us to reach out to you for free technical support and download the plugin. Thereafter you just need to follow these steps:

  1. Install the DLL in your game unity editor
  2. Configure the controller to full smartphone size or keep it as is
  3. Choose your CTV ads SDK (we provide you a default one that you can change) and add your URL
  4. Change or approve the player prompt messages
  5. Test it within Unity editor
  6. Export the game to relevant platform
  7. That’s it
Go to the Unity store
Download DLL file
Performance testing
Let your users know

all about quality

You might be concerned with the game quality or the player experience and more. And it is totally understandable.

This is why we made extra effort to make sure our code is free of bugs, clear and easy to implement.

All of that gives you all the assurance you need. But you also can, and probably will, test everything yourself.

And if something is broken or doesn’t work, we have a great tech team to help you with that. Just drop us a mail to support@mythreal.io and we’ll be there to help

Already enjoying

500M+ households
500M+ households
500M+ households
500M+ households
200M+ households
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100M+ households
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70M+ households
50M+ households
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20M+ households
10M+ households

what are you waiting for?

It is really easy to implement. It really gives your players the consoless gaming experience And it really increase your monetization with CTV ads. Just get our Plug-In on our download page

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How can you benefit from it?


Give your players the experience of console gaming without the need to buy an expensive console. Really, set your game on a big screen TV with the controller in their hands


Get 7-10x more revenues! By using our technology you can get CTV ads that will run on the TV screen while your players playing your game. This is on top of your mobile ads. How awesome is that?


here is what you need to do

Well, not a lot 🙂
Go to our download page. Once you downloaded it just follow the instructions within the plugin and you’re all set.
If you still got any questions, feel free to contact us or drop us a mail at support@mythreal.io


How do I install it?

Just go to download page and download our plugin.

Is it just mirroring or more than that?

It is way beyond mirroring. We are NOT duplicating your screen but rather splitting it: the game itself will be screened to the player’s big screen TV, while the smartphone screen will become the player’s controller. When you think about it, it is just like playing a game on a console with a TV screen, controller in hand and a game device. 

How can I configure the controller?

This is part of the on boarding process. Once you download the plugin, you will have the option to configure the controller any way you want. From selecting the buttons, their location on the screen as well as their size, their attributes and much more.

You can even decide to use some of the smartphone OS features like vibration, gyro and more

If you really want to be creative you can think of new and different ways for the player to experience your game, now with the controller in their hands and the big screen TV in front of them

And one more very important thing – You can also allow your players to play the game with a physical joystick 🙂 All you need to do it to map the virtual controls to the Joystick’s physical ones and that’s it.

How can my users know about this?

You already know your users 🙂 All you have to do is to send them a notification about this exciting new game experience. You can approach us if you need help with the messaging. We’d be happy to assist. Contact us for any questions about it

What platforms and Smart TV do you support?

We support any Smart TV that is based on one of the following OS: Amazon TV OS, Google TV OS, Android TV OS, Roku TV OS and tvOS (by apple).

We also support the following streamers: Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, Google Chromecast and MI box

If my game is not based on Unity, can I still use your technology?

Unfortunately not. For now we are focused on Unity. We do plan to support other methods like Unreal and others. Stay tuned for news about it

How much will it cost me?

You get first months for free. YES 🙂 after that we will charge you based on the number of active users per month. For more information, feel free to contact us

Can I still use ads?

Absolutely. Actually not only that you can continue with your current mobile ads SDK, but now you can add CTV ads SDK. During the plugin configuration you can install the default SDK but obviously you can bring your own. Now with CTV ads you can make 7-10x more money from ads because of the higher CTV CPM

What is CTV and why is it good for me?

CTV is connected TV. It is actually any TV that is connected to the internet. You can read more here

How can I be sure the game will still perform?

Because we do not change anything in the game code itself. If you are still not sure or want to verify, you can always test it with the Unity editor just like to test and check your new code.

How is it different from Cloud Gaming?

Cloud gaming is only in its infancy and still “suffer” from latency and other issues which lead to poor gaming experience. The main difference is that we have actually bufferless streaming as well as close to zero latency. These two elements are vital for your players and we actually provide them, on top of your excellent game you developed

What smartphone OS are you supporting?

Android and iOS. What else is needed 🙂

Why do you call it “consoleless Gaming”

When you think about it, when you play with a console, you can see the game on the TV screen, hold a controller in your hand and the console is actually managing and rendering the game. In our case we give exactly that: your player will play the game on the big screen TV, with the smartphone acting as the controller and the game is being managed and rendered by the mobile device. The only difference is the processing power of the mobile device vs. the console. That’s it!

Where in the world is your technology adopted?

All over. We are global.

Will you get me more players?

YES. With our Mythreal channel on Roku (and later on other streamers), if a user does not have your game installed on their smartphone, they will be redirected to your page on the apple store/google play store to download the game and start playing. And you DON’T have to pay us any CPI. How cool is that?


what are you wating for?

Click now on the button on the right that will take you to our page on Unity asset store. From there it is going to be very easy to just follow the instructions to set everything up

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