let’s play, gamer


Play any game that is on your smartphone, on your big screen TV

With a controller in your hand
(yes, the smartphone becomes your joystick)

Consoleless gaming experience just like if you had a Playstation or an XBOX.

Platforms we support

Interesting, huh?

wanna FIND out more?

Want to learn more about ‘Consoleless Gaming’? Want to play any mobile game that you have on your phone, on your big screen TV with no latency and with your smartphone as the controller. Just click on the button to the right and open a whole new world of gaming experience



What games can I play?

Any game that is on your mobile device. If you see a game on the TV that is NOT on your device, all you need to do is to download the game from the app store/Google play into you device

How much does it cost?

Absolutely nothing. No subscription, no one time fee, no nothing 🙂

What platforms do you support?

We support any Smart TV that is based on Google TV OS, Amazon Fire OX, Android OS and tvOS. We also support the Roku streamer, MI Box, Chromecast and Fire Stick. In the near future we will add any Samsung, LG and Sony smart TVs. You can check the relevant devices in this page . If you want us to support more platforms please send us an email to

Will I experience any delay or latency in my game?

NO. This is one of the unique elements of our technology.

Can I play with friends?

Absolutely. If the game support multiplayer mode, than invite your friends to your home and play together on your big screen TV

How do I connect my phone to the device?

You do not need to do anything. The first time you’ll try to connect, your smartphone will identify the relevant streamers or Smart TV that you can connect to, ask to install so just approve it and you’re all set

Do I need to be on the wifi network for it to work?

Yes. You need to make sure you are on the same wifi network as you device or Smart TV

What kind of personal information do you gather?

Nothing. We collect only statistical information as well as technical logs, all of which aimed to help us to improve your experience and identify issues in advance. You can read more about our Privacy Policy HERE

Why doesn't it work anymore?

In most cases it’ll be because the studio decided to remove this functionality from its offering, in which case you’ll see a special message detailing it. You can also check if your mobile device is still on the same wifi as your streamer or Smart TV. In all other cases, it might be a momentary glitch but if the problem continues, send us an email to and we will check it closer

How does it work?

Our unique technology allows the game developers to split the screens, while your game screen is presented on your TV screen, the other part, i.e. the controller is displayed on your smartphone screen. This is done by using sophisticated algorithms that know how to split the screens, encode the graphics, transmit it to your streamer or TV set, decode it and voila. If you are really interested to learn more you can read more in our patent (pending)

I can still hear the sound from my smartphone. How can I use the TV/surround system speakers?

It is not supported yet. Give us few months and you will be able to hear the game sound with your TV speakers, your soundbar or your surround system

Why do I need to download the Mythreal channel or native app to my device?

This is simply going to be the best way to play the games with no delays or latency. Other ways, it will simply won’t work or work slower. It doesn’t cost you anything!